We offer a complete Network Cabling installation service utilizing
Fibre Optic Systems
Coax Cabling Systems

CAT3 voice cabling
Category, 5e , 6 , 6a and 7

Structured Cabling Systems
10BaseT – 10Mbps Ethernet
100BaseTX – 100Mbps Ethernet
1000BaseTX – Gigabit Ethernet
10 Gigabit Ethernet

Whether you’ve just moved into new offices or need some extra network and structured cabling to be installed, Nettek is here to help. We have teams of Structured Cabling / Network Technicians who are fully trained to install, terminate and audit your system. We do it all from a single termination point to thousands.

Furthermore if your current hardware requires upgrading or replacing then again Nettek can manage this for you from purchase through installation and configuration. On top of this we can also offer an additional total hardware support contract solution for any/all of your existing or new equipment you have on your site currently.
Our Network Technicians can customize your computer network solution to meet your requirements. We can provide a new network installation, upgrade your existing computer network, and provide computer network training for you utilizing the latest in networking technology.