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Structured cabling

Whether you’ve just moved into new offices or need some extra network and structured network cabling to be installed, Nettek is here to help.

We have teams of Structured Cabling / Network Technicians who are fully trained to install, terminate and audit your system.

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Wireless networking

Wireless Network Technology –
The Future of Networking

Wireless gives you extra mobility and flexibility and you won’t be tied down to a set workstation. As long as there’s power to the PC or Laptop, you’ll be able to access the wireless network from any point within the workplace, classroom or IT suite :: read more

Dear All

This communication is not just about our precautions regarding the COVID-19 virus, this is about those we work with. Those we live with. Those we do business with. People.

We believe that working together as business owners and leaders, we have a responsibility to those that rely on us, to ensure their wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them. At Nettek, we understand that we have a responsibility and even more so, an obligation, to mitigate the exposure of ourselves and clients to the virus.  "We are walking the impossible balance between financial and physical survival".  Ultimately our goal is to survive and to continue to support those businesses who rely on our services. Leaving them stronger, healthier, tomorrow.

In order to achieve this we have taken the following precautionary measures:

  • Team members will continue to report to the office every morning where their temperatures will be taken, along with completing a health questionnaire.
  • Sanitiser, gloves and masks will be provided to each team member to use to intensify hygiene control at all times
  • Team members have always been instructed to keep the office informed with regards to their physical well-being, and going forward, they will inform us as to the well-being of their family members and those who they are in contact with on a daily basis to ensure we are aware of any potential exposure
  • Limit physical contact with non-essential persons and under no circumstances to shake hands with colleagues and clients
  • No public transport will be used getting to and from the office, as our vehicles will be collecting and dropping off our team members at a safe collection/drop off point near their homes.

Should you have any questions regarding our policy or points of interest for us to keep in mind, please feel free to contact the office on 021 555 0674 or email .

Thank you for your support! We wish you the very best both personally and professionally in these trying times.

Quinton van der Westhuizen

From around mid-2017, our greatest chance of survival rested outside government with the behaviour of ‘the people’: millions of families and homes. Thousands of businesses that run our economy. Our farming communities, school communities, organisations of every kind.
Murray Williams’ “Shooting from the Lip” column appears in the Cape Argus newspaper.