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What are the Qualities of a Good Network?


A good network design is properly documented and follows best practices. This will allow the business to add new software and equipment without compromising the system’s integrity. An IT department that has a good network design is able to concentrate on being innovative and proactive. This is in contrast to an IT department with an inferior network that has to spend most of their time putting out fires.

In any organization, the IT network needs to have a firm foundation. That way, when new equipment and software is added, there are no problems that arise. There is also need to have a policy on how alterations are made to the network. Even minor changes have to be considered since they have a potential impact on the network assessed.

Signs that you have a bad network design:

  • Problems with LAN utilizing ethernet cables
  • Problems with Wireless LAN
  • Problems with WAN
  • Unreliable Voice Quality in VOIP environments
  • Pixelated & Freezing Video
  • Untidy network cabling
  • Daisy chaining network devices
  • Non Standardized network components
  • Undocumented network

Here are a few network design best practices you should keep in mind as you create your WAN or LAN:

  • Choose equipment designed for your needs
  • Take wiring and cabling into account
  • Standardize as much as possible
  • Consider Redundancy
  • Make monitoring and management a priority
  • Ensure your network is secure
  • Know every aspect of your network
  • If you don’t know ask a professional

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