WiFi Wireless networks/ Lan Solutions

The future of networking

There is no doubt the interest and usage of Wireless networking technology is growing at an incredible rate. Wireless LAN technology is currently the latest buzz topic and many education establishments and businesses have already gone down this route in a bid to offer more flexibility to their working environment.

Accessing the company network and applications without a cable connection is becoming more and more common. Cost savings on and increased efficiency make wireless an essential part of any network.

Let Nettek provide for the complete physical installation of your Wireless Network / Access Infrastructure.

Wireless has some great benefits! Installing Wireless means minimal disruption to the working environment. It eliminates the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings and can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Wireless gives you extra mobility and flexibility and you won’t be tied down to a set workstation.

As long as there’s power to the PC or Laptop, you’ll be able to access the wireless network from any point within the workplace, classroom or IT suite.

Wireless local area networks allow effective and immediate information sharing at high-speed. Users can roam from cell to cell, send and receive data, access the internet and corporate intranet, from anywhere on the corporate campus.

If you can see the building you wish to connect to, then Nettek can build a Wireless link to join them.

Extend your wireless network to other buildings without re-cabling, paying for data or leased line costs.

Wireless links are also a strong option for connecting temporary work locations – such as construction sites – that must communicate to a data center.

Optical fiber network extensions

Optelix manufactures Gigabit Optical Wireless products for the use of optical fiber network extensions.

The NanoWave provide

1. Full Duplex Gigabit throughput
2. License and Interference Free operation